Menu and browser bookmarks bar all fuzzy [Solved]

Yesterday i took Ubuntu 19.10 out for a spin and the top bar along with browser menu and bookmarks were all fuzzy. No way to make out anything. So i installed Budgie and the same issues were there again.

I got a warning from Ubuntu that AMD graphics card are no longer supported and that the OpenSource one should do the trick. Ha!

Sorry for no screenshots but description should hopefully be sufficient.

This never happened to me before with either distro.

Solved as per bug report:

This needs a bug report to be reported on launchpad.

Please run 19.10 and from there run in a terminal

ubuntu-bug xorg

Fill in all the info requested in the webbrowser that will be launched. Please take a photo using your phone showing the issue. Thanks.

Turns out the Dell external monitor was the issue.
Have submitted report to the best of my abilities.

In the mean time, have set laptop as default display with Plank to the external monitor.
Hint/tips on hovering icons are fuzzy/blurred there but at least the icons are pretty indicative of the function they represent.