Grub themes installed with Budgie?

It would be really cool if UB would come with a grub theme pre-installed. The normal one is practical but a bit lackluster (especially considering how UB strives for elegance). Could even get it to match with the new UB icon theme (eg. tela Let's choose new icon theme for Ubuntu Budgie , Would be nice to see this implemented but I think a thing like this may cause serious stability issues.

It certainly has been brought up before and considered.

I am aware ubuntu mate introduced a grub theme a few years ago but dropped it due to some sort of stability problem. I don’t know though what the specific issue that was encountered.

I use the grub customizer from the repository on my dual boot machine. It allows changing the background, text color, and boot order . I’ve had no stability issues in two years of use. The features I don’t fully understand I leave alone.

The problem with putting it right in the os is that there a huge range of configurations downloading the os. From servers to computers with 2gb of ram to power workstations (in the future maybe arm as well), tech has a way of causing issues (exhibit A: windows update). Boot configs and partitions can be surprisingly unorthodox, so it may be hard to get LTS stability. Don’t get me wrong here, I would still love it if its possible.

Sorry to revive an old thread, but noticed that both Deepin and Ubuntu Gnome currently use Grub themes (albeit only backgrounds). Could it be possible that we take some inspiration from them and apply something in UB as well?

Fancy putting together a stylish theme background for Grub?

We could try this with white text

Far too busy - needs to be unique to the distro (lets not copy from else where) - needs to be stylish - means pretty simple but elegant.

Needs to work against all sorts of resolutions - so I’m suggesting a small picture placed strategically that will work against multiple configurations.

I know its just a gradient, but I can’t get anything that looks professional and doesn’t impede on the grub menu items too much. White text would still look pretty clean on this

Ubuntu DDE has successfully put a full theme for grub, like the tela one I mentioned at the top

Unfortunately you now have a major clash between the grub theme and the Plymouth theme. So there is a jarring switch between the two.

It is vert simple just to choose your own pictures and move it to /boot/grub/. Update grub for the changes to take effect.

Yes, I know. I do this myself. However, I was suggesting a theme comes preinstalled like in some other distros.