Help test the "Active Desktop" for 19.04

After my update to 19.04, the Active Desktop wasn’t installed by default. Was this intended? I did the install with sudo apt install desktopfolder , but the application is sort of unstable. Is this the recommend way to do so? Is the Active Stable part of 19.04?

The version in the repo is older - and less stable.

Due to the debian freeze we couldnt get the better & stable version into 19.04.

So I would still recommend the DesktopFolder PPA for 19.04

Right, thank you for your quick reply. Kindly bare with me: How do I install the PPA version?

scroll all the way to the top!!


sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntubudgie-dev/desktop-icons && sudo apt upgrade && sudo apt install desktopfolder

Thanks, I was unsure if the commands mentioned above were still the recommend procedure. :slight_smile:

once the eoan repo opens for business I will extend that PPA to cover 19.10 early adopters as well.

hm, early adopters … sounds like me … :slight_smile:

Is there any way to hide the desktop panel, once desktopfolder is installed?

Its something I have brought up here

The ideal with rolling the up into on icon when the cursor it out of the panel bounds sounds great. Could that be part of the panel’s options, so one can can turn the rollup function ON or OFF? Another thought: I am using the experimental applet “Toogle The Desktop”. I find it cool, since you can clean the desktop with a single click. Would it be an idea to attach the panel’s visibility to such an applet? One click and the panel is hidden? The idea with the panel rollup sounds pretty solution, too.