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Help test the "Active Desktop" for 19.04


In that case, I am reinstalling the ppa, until we are asked to uninstall it.Continue to test it. :slight_smile:


I am on Ubuntu 18.10, with the Budgie desktop installed on top, using a Dell Inspiron Laptop.

“killall desktopfolder desktopfolder &” doesn’t change anything: when I delete the one panel, another new one pops up immadiately.

When I right-click on the desktop, there are also no options to show/ hide the panel.

This is the output I get :

(desktopfolder:20507): Gtk-WARNING **: 08:11:52.113: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:1469:66: Using one color stop with linear-gradient() is deprecated.

(desktopfolder:20507): Gtk-WARNING **: 08:11:52.113: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:1488:66: Using one color stop with linear-gradient() is deprecated.

(desktopfolder:20507): Gtk-WARNING **: 08:11:52.121: Theme parsing error: gtk.css:4224:4: Junk at end of value for min-height

** (desktopfolder:20507): CRITICAL **: 08:11:53.118: desktop_folder_folder_manager_show_view: assertion ‘self != NULL’ failed


You should see the “Hide Desktop” option when you right click.

The ** (desktopfolder:20507): CRITICAL **: 08:11:53.118: desktop_folder_folder_manager_show_view: assertion ‘self != NULL’ failed looks worrying and is probably the issue here. Please can you raise this upstream https://github.com/spheras/desktopfolder

Suggest include a screenshot of your current desktop.


The option “Hide Desktop” is definitely not there when I right-click on the desktop. I will raise the issue adding a screenshot, as you suggest.


What is the version of the desktopfolder package you have installed?

dpkg -s desktopfolder

It should be something like 1.0.11+201812061046

Also what is the output of:

which desktopfolder


Here are the outputs:

Version: 1.0.11+201812061046~ubuntu18.10.1



now I’m very confused why your right-click menu option doesn’t include “Hide Desktop”

I’m running the same package - and it shows it ok.


See for yourself …


I believe you have to restart the computer, or logout and log in. This happens, desktopfolder stops sometimes.


Installed the Active Desktop today to play around with it a bit. Looks really cool and appealing. A great tool. One thing I noticed was that I am unable to add a link to hidden folders like home/.themes to the Active Desktop. Folders inside the /.themes folder can be added without any problem. I don’t know if this is intended.

Then, when I create a new folder, it is added in the top left corner, on top of a folder that is already there. Wouldn’t it be better the folder be added in an empty space?

Also, when I open the /.themes folder with Nautilus, there is another .themes folder inside the .themes folder. When you click on that, it opens another folder with themes in it and another /.themes folder, and so on.


What is the use-case here to access hidden folders from the desktop on a regular manner? I can’t think why someone would need to-do that regularly. From a file-manager - yeah I agree it makes more sense.

I agree with the new folder observation - please can you raise it upstream: https://github.com/spheras/desktopfolder ?

The .themes with Nautilus observation is just weird - definitely a bug. I’m guessing you are on v3.30 of Nautilus on UB 18.10? We will not be using nautilus by default in 19.04; we will be switching to nemo - if you decide to stick with Nautilus I would test again when v3.32 arrives mid-march and if the observation is reproducible then report to launchpad.

If you are using v3.26 Nautilus on 18.04 then please report this directly to launchpad so that Canonical are made aware and can fix it for all 18.04 users

ubuntu-bug nautilus


I actually access the (hidden) .themes folder quite frequently. Lately, more than once a day. Just found it an unexpected behavior and thought I communicate, since you ask for feedback and I didn’t know if this is intended. Of course, it is your decision if the feature is included, or not. I wouldn’t put it on a wish list.

I am really using UB 18.10 with Nautilus v3.30, so I’ll wait for the updates in march.


No harm in posing the hidden folders question upstream. When raising it though - add the reason why - because the maintainer may just ask the same question as me!!


Oh. Why ? ( and why not ? )


For this reason 19.04 Daily Download


Hahah, wasn’t “Active Desktop” the Microsoft name for that awful feature in Windows 98 where you could have a webpage be your background?


Ouch… I think you’re right :wink:

That said, there are some web pages which could be useful as a background…


That’s good news. Get the newest Nemo 4.06 using

deb http://packages.linuxmint.com tessa main upstream import backport #id:linuxmint_main

Adding gpg key;

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys A6616109451BBBF2

Update, but do not upgrade. Install Nemo, or download nemo deb package.

Only, Raven lost the bottom icons.

Once, you get everything running, maybe there’d be another thread to test Nemo with Budgie?


you really shouldnt mix binaries built for different distro’s. You’ll create a Frankenstein distro like linux mint where you can’t be sure where stability issues are a result of.

You really should only use binaries from source built specifically for your version of ubuntu.

The desktopicons testing PPA holds the very latest version of budgie-desktop - v10.5 (almost) - this version does not come by default with the raven bottom icons - that is an upstream decision. You can readd it if you want via budgie-desktop-settings

I’ll put a calling notice out to test the disco version of nemo soon.


I agree. Doing this only to test.

I’ll reinstall Ubuntu-Budgie, when the notice arrives. Start anew.