Hiding MCE Errors on shutdown

Hi. I am back with Ubuntu Budgie after trying out several other distros. Happy to be back !
Last year my computer had a processor meltdown and I thought it was toast. I was later able to reboot to a flash drive and reinstall but with Ubuntu/Debian distros, I got moklist errors on start up and mce errors on shutdown though only briefly. When I ran Arch based distros, I did not get those error messages.
I have been able to fix the moklist error on boot by removing shim-signed but not sure how to hide the mce error messages on shutdown. As I mentioned, the errors only show very briefly and my computer always shuts down normally after that. Can I hide that shutdown error screen by using mce commands and if so, how do I go about it ?
Thanks for any help and suggestions.


Machine Check Exception (MCE) is an error that occurs when a computer’s CPU detects a hardware problem. Typically, the impending hardware failure will cause the kernel to panic to protect against data corruption.

Machine checks can indicate failing hardware, system overheats, bad DIMMs, or other problems. Some MCEs are fatal and cannot generally be survived without reboot and hardware replacement."

It sounds like you have bigger issues to worry about than trying to hide the error.

From the above possibly failing memory dimms or worse :frowning:

HI there fossfreedom. Thanks so much for your reply, comments and link inlcuded.
I will be monitoring things. Computer runs very reliably otherwise. Hopefully, anyway, till I get a new PC ha ha.