How can I activate the Compose key?

Hi guys,
I need some help to active the compose key, I’m new with Budgie and I don’t find this option. In my old Mint it was in the keyboard settings, but here I couldn’t find it.
thanks for your help

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some stuff in gnome-tweaks work under budgie.

So you can see if this works for you

thank you very much for your prompt response. I tried it with gnome-tweaks and it worked after I restarted the computer. But, should I expect problems with other settings by changing to gnome-tweaks? I mean, now that the compose key works, sould I uninstall gnome-tweaks or is it better to remain with it?
Thank you again for your help

There is no real reason to keep it installed.

Got it, thanks a lot :+1:

Will we be able to activate compose key in future, without having to mess up with gnome tweaks?

Not sure on the best way to approach this. I’m guessing probably via budgie-desktop-settings. If so then a request should be put forward upstream (if it hasn’t already)

Yes, It would ease the pain of having to install more buggy/slow gnome software-things (though I use some of them - without any choice).

Reducing little more of them, would be appreciated.