How to trigg applets with hot-corner?

Is there a way to use Hot-Corner to display applets such as app-launcher, budgie-menu or others?
Which custom commands to use?
I wish I had app-launcher or budgie-menu in a corner of the screen.


Interesting question. In a dirty way, it is possible to use a virtual keypress event by xdotool, as long as the applet is placed in exactly the same position in the panel. Apart from the menu, that is a tricky condition. It coul be done in a clean way if we’d extend the applet’s code with a module to listen to hotcorners. With our own applets, that is an interesting feature request.

For the budgie-menu, we just need to press the “windows” button, so what is the command to simulate the “windows-key” and toggle the budgie-menu if any?

Kind of related:

Thx vlijm,

With xdotool already installed, the tricks is easy to do and display budgie-menu with hot-corner applet. Simply add: xdotool key Super_L to a corner custom action command.

Example, xdotool key F12 will display Tilix/quake mode

and so on…

Right! I didn’t mean the specific case :slight_smile: