Icon Task List hide non-favourites?

Looking for a way to add a seperator between favourite icons and launched non-favourite apps.

This can almost be achieved:
By adding 2 instances of the applet and restricting the first one to “show favourites only” and remove all favourites on the second instance.

The second instance will only show icons of running applications, however if you launch a favourite application (via the first instance) it will also show on the second instance. Hence is there a way to limit an Icon Task List to hide non-favourites?


May you provide a use case for that cause I don’t understand why one would want to hide non-favorites ( which means running app’s that were not already pinned ) ???

End goal is to have a separator between Favourites and the rest. Just like on a Dock, where you can create a separator.desktop file (with appropriate icon) or spacer.desktop file and pin it at the end of the Dock. Any running non-pinned app simply appears next to it, separating pinned items from non-pinned items.
Or just like on MacOS, where you have a separator between pinned apps and ‘the rest’.

Since you cannot create a separator within the Icon Task List panel to get this done, my solution was to use 2 instances of the Icon Task List. One to show Favourites only (which is already possible) and one for the rest (which is not possible currently, as any running app will show on the secondary instance).

Ok… I may see the point, having an area for favorite launchers here and another area elsewhere for running app’s only.

I think icon-tasks-list is provided by Solus upstream - @fossfreedom do you confirm ? - so may have a look at https://dev.getsol.us/ or https://github.com/solus-project/budgie-desktop to see if such a request has been made.