Japanese input not working

Hi I’m using 20.04 and I can’t seem to get the japanese hiragana input to work. I’ve set my language to “Japanese (mozc)” from language and made sure I’m using IBUS as keyboard input method.

I’ve followed the instructions here:

But I’m still unable to type out japanese hiragana. Anybody know whats happening here?

I fired this on our twitter feed - does this tweet thread help?

I think that japanese post might have helped. Not sure what happened but it seems to be working now. It seemed to have started working after I put my computer to sleep over night.

I did a couple of things before that though, maybe be one or none of these:

  • apt install anthy ibus-anthy
  • Software Update
  • IBus Preferences -> Input Method “Add” -> Japanese - Mozc

Screenshot from 2021-01-07 14-24-17
Not sure which one of these did it. Maybe none of them lol. Might help someone in the future.

If you really want to use Ibus, you can fix it by the method on the above site.
But (at least around me) Fcitx is more popular than Ibus.