Laptop display suddenly has borders and left panel launcher not working

I installed Gnome tweak and without changing anything there, there are now borders on the laptop screen. The left panel that comes standard is inside this border and is no longer responding. The window super key is working. I can no longer switch between programs. Removing it does not help.

To try to reset the display I change the resolution. I also tried dconf reset -f /org/gnome/.

Ubuntu 18.1 on a Lenovo 14 flex.

I also have Ubuntu 16.04 on this laptop. There the laptop display is working properly.

Suggest boot with a previous kernel available in Grub - advanced - there was a kernel update yesterday and another user said they had resolution issues. Screen strectched with update 18.10 Feb 4th

I tried pevious kernel, same problem. I booted into the live cd and it is fine there.

The newest kernel came in a bit back, and no problems until today.

Is this a system issue - or a user account issue?

Create a new user and login with that.

Are you using also an external monitor? What happens if you disconnect that and reboot?

I’ll try the new user approach. Disconnected and rebooted with and w/o the external monitor to no avail.

Setting up a new user did the trick. I’d like to have the old user back but this will do

This Q&A is a bit drastic - but the GNOME 3 instructions will work for budgie - obviously you have a backup if things get worse

Thanks- have nothing to lose by trying, I figure.

Resetting gnome 3 did not resolve the problem.

However this did the trick

mv .config/dconf/user .config/dconf/user.bak && sudo reboot

it was in a comment on the bottom

yay! congrats :slight_smile: