Lenovo ThinkPad T61

Hi, I’m, new of course… limited linux knowledge.
I have tried installing Budgie on a 2007 Thinkpad T61. Initially I could boot from the USB stick in safe graphics and can get most everything, BUT when I try from the SSD after the install it takes forever to boot and my screen is black except for the date and time. now I’m getting "end Kernal panic -not syncing: attempted to kill init! exit code=0x0000000b
what now?

Did you tick the wifi and graphics option during the install?

Does that T61 have nvidia graphics?

If it does have nvidia graphics please reinstall but with that installer option ticked.

If you did tick that option then reinstall but without that option ticked

I don’t remember seeing those options.
I believe it does have the Nvidia graphics. which I know is a problem. I had attempted to get the drivers but no luck.
Right now its a completely empty machine. I wanted to wipe windows and do a complete install.
at the moment I cant even boot from the USB any more. Now I’m getting “/init:line 49:can’t open /dev/sro: no medium found”.
I think I will try to download a new 20.04.3 and see if I can install that.
I should have known there was some sort of issue when I couldn’t install elementary. I threw in a new SSD and had hoped that would fix the problem but obviously that didn’t work.
I only have 4gb RAM, but I thought that would be enough