LMDE4 beta - disappointing

Good news for Budgie DE, bad news for mint…
Spent the weekend playing with LMDE4 beta, both 32 and 64 bit.
Sad to say it has nothing about it that made me choose LMDE since version 2!
It has more ubuntu-bloat, like the regular mints. The icon theme has lost all it’s class.
Worst of all, DEADBEEF music player is no longer in the repository.

Henceforth I shall be running lovely Budgie on faster machines, and debian with a stolen mint bodykit on classical machines.

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Welcome to the lighter side of Ubuntu :heart_eyes:

That is likely because you are testing a beta.

Ubuntu? Or Mint-bloat. Ubuntu is for instance canning the amazon link so I was expecting to see less bloat :slight_smile:

Take the netinst of ubuntu, install base system, no desktop.
Do the same with the equivalent debian netinst.
The difference in boot times and memory usage = bloats