No sound, fresh 19.04 install

Not sure if this is the right place to ask… if not, please direct me to the proper place?

Fresh install of UB 19.04, on new CHUWI Lapbook Pro. Everything seems to be working as expected, except sound. It says “headphones”, but no headphones are plugged in. When headphones are plugged in, still no sound in them. Can connect to bluetooth speakers and get sound there.

Booting from Live USB with Ubuntu Gnome 19.04, sound is working there… so, not sure what could be the issue?? Anyone have any advice? Since sound is working under Ubuntu Gnome 19.04, I would think that it would under UB 19.04 also?

Hi and welcome,

have you got any devices available to choose from when you open Raven - Devices (top right toggle)?

Does toggling anything there work?

Alternatively - Menu - Sound - anything there to fiddle with?

Gotta be kidding me… I’ve been tinkering with this for three days to no avail.
Today’s exercise was to try booting live usb from Ubuntu Gnome 19.04, where I found the sound was working… Now, after rebooting back into UB 19.04 (same install as before, did not re-install)… and sound is working!?
Prior to now, Raven-Devices only showed “headphones” (except for when I connected to bluetooth speakers… when connected, those showed up there too, and worked).

Well… it’s working now… so, awesome!

that is just so weird!

Maybe just cheaper quality hardware… this CHUWI LapBook Pro was only $308… but, man, it’s really really nice for that price.