Possible changes / enhancements for 20.10

It’s something that I think someone should take on as an applet project. It sounds outside the scope of upstream budgie desktop itself.

This would need to be requested here https://github.com/linuxmint/slick-greeter/issues?page=2&q=is%3Aissue+is%3Aopen

Upstream seldom does changes requested themselves so such a request would have to come with a pull request.

Allow users to enable/disable which devices can wake up the system from sleep, via Ubuntu Settings.

offtopic for who wants this now:
I found this solution, by editing /etc/rc.local, a file that does not exist by default in UB. Therefore I needed to do this first:

printf '%s\n' '#!/bin/bash' 'exit 0' | sudo tee -a /etc/rc.local
sudo chmod +x /etc/rc.local


Sorry, I dont understand why Budgie Desktop Applets are not part of the desktop settings UI.
Under Top Panel either same group: Applets,Settings,New or Top Panel divided into Applets, and New Applets (or similar).

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Coming from Firefox web shortcuts do not show an icon I wonder why it has never been addressed a way or another…

Ability by drag and drop to « pin » a « shortcut » to a web-page into dock or panel or desktop.

A full functional .desktop file automatically created when you d’n’d a web-link from your internet-browser onto these common areas of an OS.

Hoping this will be enabled by default in 20.04 when Budgie is installed on a laptop. If not, please do so for 20.10.
If necessary run a check if the device has an integrated keyboard/display.

“Onboard Settings” > Layout > Full Keyboard with edit and function keys

Is this still up?
If so, please consider implementing a window preview in the Icon Task List when on hover. Just like in Windows and Cinnamon.

Also, transparent blur option for the panel could be cool.

Transparent blur does interest me for the panel. Blur was made available in GNOME 3.36 version of mutter - how though that translate into actually using it I have no idea. So if someone can research that then that will be helpful.

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Also, a few ideas came to my mind now that you are asking for possible changes and enhancements:

  • I know it’s been said. A bottom bar friendly Applications Menu. With shortcut icons to settings, internet browser, directories, etc. Like in Cinnamon (Yes, again. That’s where I come from :slight_smile:)

  • An applet to contain other applets so you can hide and show them whenever you like (You can take Windows and KDE Plasma as examples. I haven’t seen it anywhere else).

  • Search button in the Applets Menu and Desktops mini-applications Menu (I’m not sure I translated that correctly).

  • More customizable applets. There aren’t many options to customize applets in their respective menus (cool menus btw). Some of them doesn’t even have settings.
    I can help you listing all the settings that should be available for each of the main applets.

all great ideas. As I said though in the initial post - translating ideas into implementation takes talented developers.

So offers of help are most welcome!

Could you give a few examples of settings you are missing?

An enhancement for « Lock Keys Indicator » → ability to trigger state ( caps, num ) by mouse.

Why such a need, would you ask ?

Well, in case of remote desktop, it’s very convenient to be able to change these through GUI !!!
Or in case of broken or unsupported keyboard…

A bit like these, aimed at Unity :

Some examples could be:

  • Choose the format [Clock]
  • Change the icon [Show Desktop Button]
  • Choose if you want to show the desktop on hover [Show Desktop Button]
  • Ignore transient notifications [Notifications]
  • Edit mouse buttons and scroll actions [Icon Task List]
  • Enable filesystem path entry in search box [AppMenu]
  • Enable autoscrolling in application list [AppMenu]
  • Change icons size [AppMenu]
  • Enable applications description [AppMenu]
  • Edit mouse buttons and scroll actions [Status Indicator]

I’m not a software developer, all I can and will do is donate and talk about UB. Is there any other way to help?

From Menu - Budgie Applets you can use the budgie-calendar applet - it displays the time and date and you can choose the format as well.


In raven you can disable notifications for the current session.

Maybe my notebook, but I get no warning before it shuts down on low battery.

That’s specific to your hardware - since it works for most types of hardware. Could be a firmware issue. Could be a kernel power-management issue.

As someone who has just recently switched to Ubuntu Budgie over from Windows, I have noticed a few features that I enjoyed from Windows which I wish were here. First, I would like for there to be different options for battery usage; at the very least have a battery saver mode like there is on Windows. I have noticed my battery life dwindle substantially, which I think is the case because there isn’t a battery saver mode. On that topic of battery, I would also like it if I could have a message showing I have a low battery (at around 10-15% left). Second, I want the screenshot function to be revamped. The selection screenshot should function a lot more like snip and sketch, where it pauses the screen to allow you to snip the part instead of having the screen continue on while you select the part you want to screenshot. On top of that, it would be nice to be able to change the key shortcuts for the screenshot functions. Also, I would love to be able to have a key shortcut for the screenshot applet, so that I don’t have to drag my mouse to the top of the screen.


This is a small one. I would like to drop in bat as a replacement for cat (advertised as a drop in replacement), and alias cat to the exe. Some additional git, syntax highlighting, etc features). It already exists in the repo. Can also support theming (syntax).

sudo apt install bat

Add an alias to alias cat="batcat".

Here is an example of some of the output.

Syntax Highlighting

Invisible characters

Following a logfile with syntax highlighting

Syntax highlighting in Man pages:

export MANPAGER="sh -c 'col -bx | bat -l man -p'"

It is just that good.

You may create a keyboard shortcut that launches the screenshot app.

What about putting a more full featured screenshot app like flameshot in as the default? Between the markup options and upload on capture… it is much more feature rich.

I use it and have it bound to the print key via a minor workaround (since gnome-screenshot wants to glom onto that shortcut).