Potential Driver issue, screen freezes and flickers

I tried finding a solution or an issue other people were having but haven’t found a good comparative issue.

I just got started with Ubuntu Budgie and am enjoying the experience overall - no issues except this large one.

When I launch some games (OpenMW once, and repeatable with Godot Engine’s editor) the screen freezes and flickers between what feels like two frames. The error seems to happen during the loading process as Godot will flicker between “Godot” and “myprojectname” on the window bar. The mouse is still visible and moveable, but all clicks and keyboard commands are ignored - requiring a hard reset. I managed to open System Monitor just before it happened and it read my CPU usage at 75% - but stopped tracking and just danced back and forth between the two frames.

Browsing the web, reading, typing/writing - no issues, which is why I suspect it is a driver issue, as I’ve only experienced this with “games” (OpenMW and Godot - both the editor and some exported games), but I’m pretty lost. Any idea where I should look next?

There are no error logs generated, as far as I can find.

Hi and welcome.

What graphics card are you using? What graphics driver are you using? I.e. Menu - Hardware Drivers

What version of UB are you using e.g. 20.04.2?

What’s the kernel you are using?

uname -a

Sorry for the lack of info.

Graphics card is just the built-in one: GeminiLake [UHD Graphics 600], as for drivers - in “additional drivers”, the only driver listed is for my Wireless Adapter - (the driver is rtl8821ce-dkms, though I doubt that is useful.)

Ubuntu 21.04

Linux 5.11.0-25-generic (x86_64)

This is a bug with the Intel driver.

Please report the issue to launchpad via

ubuntu-bug xorg-server

You could try using an older unsupported intel driver … it might though make things worse.

Thanks a lot - I’ll see what I can do.

For posterity - to specify the issue, it has to do with GLES3 in Godot (correctly recognized as a driver issue, though old/weak GPUs can cause the same.) Should anyone run into the same issue, working in GLES2 in Godot (an option on creating a project. It can also be set via commandline) solves the issue. Projects exported from Godot will crash if they are in GLES3. I don’t believe you can control that without the project files themselves.

Ultimately, the best info came from using Manjaro on a Raspberry Pi 4 - which presents an error message if you attempt to use GLES3, rather than freezing outright.