Screen Sharing how to serve native resolution of logged in PC

I have just switched to Ubuntu Budgie on my home server/nas/pc and love that Screen Sharing is a built-in feature. It works great out of the box although I had to disable encryption as mentioned here.
The system is connected to a Lenovo 24" monitor with a native res of 2560x1440. On the monitor everything looks razorsharp but a bit small.

I am logging in on a 13" Macbook Pro 2018, which has a native resolution of 2560x1600 but also supports scaled 1680x1050, 1440x900 and 1024 by 640.

When I login with VNCViewer, everything is very tiny.
How can I log in to my Ubuntu Budgie system via VNCViewer but still have the same resolution/text size as my Macbook normally has? I want Ubuntu to send the native resolution of my macbook (which is almost identical to the Lenovo but the screen is 13" versus 24" Lenovo) but also have everything look just as readable on my Macbook like my normal Macbook desktop.

I tried other resolutions in Ubuntu and setting VNCViewer scaling to 100% or other percentages. But nothing helps.

Which vnc viewer are you using? Is there any type of scaling going on by the viewer? For example some viewers will perform auto scaling.


I figured it out: keeping the native resolution of the Lenovo monitor on Ubuntu but changing scale to 200% and setting VNCViewer to 100% did the trick. But it goes all wrong after Ubuntu turns video output off after 5min.
When I move my mouse on my Macbook/VNCViewer, it turns on again but now it is extremely zoomed in, can’t do anything! Even closing VNCViewer and reopening/reconnecting doesn’t help. I need to change the resolution on the computer a couple of times.

Is this a bug?
Is there a way to do proper screen share, where Ubuntu is aware of the native res of the remote screen? Because now Screen Share seems quite unusable.

i do not beleive this is a bug. This “seem” to be related to the protocol itself and the features of the client you are using. Does the VNC viewer have any type of “Scale to sceen” option? Which VNC client are you using? The built in OSX one? Does this happen on other clients?

I had a quick search for the OSX client, and it looks like it deals with smaller screens, but not larger. ( Granted this is an older article. I do nto have a mac to test on though… hmmm.

My gut feeling with out testing is that this is related with how the client is either not autoscaling, or how it does.

I’m not familiar enough with hte OSX side, but have run into this issue before with VNC in a windows environment. I solved it by finding a client that dealt with scaling in a more elegant way.

Caveat - I am not 100% sure if this is not a bug. I just have no way to replicate and test