Software Updater has no details for update but wants my superuser password

Running Ubuntu Budgie 18.04.1 LTS, Gnome 3.28.2.

Software Updater is prompting me to apply an update, but there is no ‘Details of updates’ listed, nor are there any ‘Technical description’ notes. It says that “3.7 MB will be downloaded.”

What’s alarming me is that its asking me for my superuser password to apply the patches.

Should I? Is it just a bug with Software Updater?

Would appreciate some advice on how to handle this, thanks in advance!

EDIT: Wasn’t sure to post this in ‘Budgie Desktop’ or ‘General’ forum, as its a general update mechanism, but using the Budgie Software Updater app.

Its a bug - please take a screenshot. File a bug report on launchpad

ubuntu-bug update-manager

You can upgrade via the command line - that will also say that it has packages to install - but importantly will list them. That should assure you all is well.

sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade


Thank you for the quick response.

Fix released, in theory.

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