Thoughts on UB for 19.04

Try Qogir Dark theme as well, its insanely pretty and I think it will be the default in 19.04.

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What does Plank bring that a panel doesn’t ?

Icons tasks list + applets look more versatile to me.

Some applets just need an icon in a normal size ( and not only in 24px ) in order to fit in eventually larger panel ( kind of dock mode ).

So, I just became a UB user. I am returning to the Linux world after a 5 year period on Apple hardware.
I bought a new laptop with Ubuntu installed, and tryed a few distros, like elementary, kubuntu, gnome.

One week using UB 18.04 and I would say that this is the most stable distro, with a fantastic configuration flexability .

Design: I Like the out of the box look, but one of the main things that attracts me to linux is the ability to taylor the look of the DE to my taste. For a first good impression I believe that a fine tuning to make the icons, wallpapers, and etc to look more consistent, i think the icons and the wall paper do not completely match.

Plank, the position is a matter of taste, I personaly use it at the botton with Autohide. I need to explore more what i can do in terms of configuration. Also I am using it in transparent mode. this kind of dock apps need to be on autohide by default.

Themes: Maybe a more disitnct selection should be added and less Ubuntu themes.

Marketing: for me stability and easy to use are great topics for promotion as elementary uses it, but the flexibility to make it look like what you want without braking your OS is a fantastic asset.

Sorry for the english erros, I am not a native speaker.


For 19.04 the poll revealed some interesting thoughts (


I like the appearance of Elementary more.