Today's Jammy update

Seems that today’s update has some challenges, budgie-desktop dependencies amount others.

What are your issues?

I also went to a black screen with blinking cuser

Ran apt update all fine.
ran dist-upgrade as normal 73 new updates
hit y and black screen had to reboot back up.
No issues after boot

I checked if I had any updates and terminal l indicated all updated

Here is some log info

Kernellog 1.txt (12.5 KB)
log2.txt (6.7 KB)

look in the folder /var/crash

cd /var/crash

report all crash files to launchpad i.e.

sudo apport-bug nameofcrashfile.crash

As pointed out below, a black screen and apt errors. The Budgie desktop did get completely installed due to unmet dependencies. However, doing an apt update again seems to have cleared it up.

Had complete system crash during update on 2/23 . I rebooted, ran sudo dpkg --configure -a , and repopulated the the applets that disappeared from the panel during the crash.

Yes, I had to run sudo dpkg --configure -a as well.

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