Top Panel and Plank covering Buttons and Window Title Bar

When I am using a variety of applications, the modal window often extends to almost the screen sides, top and bottom.

The extension of the modal window is still insufficient to automatically hide the top panel or plank.

Now, in this position the top panel covers the title bar of the modal and I can’t reach it with the mouse cursor to drag it around. And at the bottom, Plank covers the Close-Button or the Ok-Button, and I can’t press them.

I am using a Dell Laptop.

Is there a way to influence the extension of the modal window, as to keep it farther away from the screen sides?


sounds like a bug or just poor design in the application.

A dialog should not convey a huge amount of information - should be split into tabs or other means.

I’m guessing you are running on a fairly low resolution screen - 768px in height?

Click on the dialog to ensure you have focus then press ALT+F7 and use the arrow keys to move the window around. If the dialog is resizable - press ALT + F8 and again use the arrow keys to resize.

Screen resolution is in fact 780 px in heights. The issue with modals being just a little too big also occurs with native windows like the Power Settings, Plank covering the bottom part.

ALT + F7 and ALT + F8 solve the problem. Many thanks for your swift reply.

Just as an additional: You can Super + drag to move the (any) window.

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Great tip, thanks a lot …

Just a heads up, it’s actually a known, long standing bug in Budgie, and the solution is to simply resize the panel. Making the panel smaller compensates, but making it bigger is the solution - Will be fixed in Budgie 11.

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… no need to wait for budgie 11 … coming in 20.04 (hopefully) - fix is being tested at the moment

EDIT - ah this is a different issue - its an app issue. The issue I am referring to is multimonitors and windows overlapping the top panel when the monitors are not aligned - thats issue #869

Yay, this is very annoying.

You also have 2 horizontal panels. As a workaround, you may try to set only one, it will free some space in the main screen…

Or put one out of the 2 vertical - your bottom one I’d say.