Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 Released!

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I’m an Arch Linux user with a dual linux system. At one side I have Arch with Mate installed, at the other I have Ubuntu Budgie. I must say that you guys made an excellent job with Ubuntu and with the Budgie desktop. It’s a very polished distro. I’m currently running this update. Many thanks for the excellent work.

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Budgie is a great DE. I tested it in Arch, Manjaro, Solus and Ubuntu. While Solus is its mother distro, they miss a lot of packages. It’s a pain to install things… The system is excellent but short of what’s needed (at least for me). Manjaro has a community edition of Budgie. It has almost every software available like Arch but they don’t seem to spend much time tweaking the system. I believe Manjaro is all about XFCE, Gnome and KDE. If you like KDE just try Manjaro version as it works very well and is stable. But the guys here at Ubutu Budgie seem to put a lot of effort at making a great system. It’s not only about Ubuntu or Budgie but about making a great system that makes you feel comfortable working on.

While it is always a matter of taste, in my opinion if ther’s a budgie desktop it lives here on Ubuntu Budgie.

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