Vinceliuice themes - what do you think? Good fit for budgie?

Hi Guys,

Vince Liuice ( is a prolific GTK Theme creator - you may have read about his latest theme on omgubuntu -

What do you think about his latest theme? ?

How compatible is it really with Budgie - can you give it a try?

Is it worth investing a bit of time creating a “Theme Makeover” in budgie-welcome?

If yes - what would you suggest for the font - font sizes - cursor type - icon-set - panel size - panel shadow on/off

Just installed Canta, first impression is that it is a beautiful GTK theme and utilizing Numix-Circle as the default icon set is a great choice ( not only because I nearly always utilize Numix-Circle icons ). The default plank preferences set at gtk+ make the dock background look recessed when using Canta, Matte background works but doesn’t really match the theme so I set the plank preferences to transparent background. More to follow as I use it some more.

How do you install a GTK theme onto Budgie?

I used the terminal, a “git clone” followed by a “cd Canta-theme” and then an “./”. Make sure you have, first, installed gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-pixbuf by using “sudo apt-get install gtk2-engines-murrine gtk2-engines-pixbuf”. Then you can use gnome-tweak-tool available in the software center to change your theme and icons

Budgie settings can be used to change themes and icons. Don’t really need gnome tweaks

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After installing using ./ what should I do to use the theme by just changing budgie settings? Couldn’t find a way using the Budgie Desktop Settings app.

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The icons and theme may be changed in the Budgie Desktop Settings, the first page that pops up… theme options are in a drop down menu on the right and are called Widgets here. Icons and etc are below. Logging out of your user account and then back in or restarting the machine should update the list if it doesn’t do it automatically, not sure of terminal command to refresh that list.

No Canta theme in dropdowns after running ./ :cry: unless they are called something else.

Ok managed to do it by moving the Canta-theme folder from /home/Themes to /usr/share/themes.