XFdesktop for Ubuntu Budgie

Hello everyone,

Most of use are currently using the desktop offered by Nemo to manage the desktop. However while nemo is great file manager, the desktop management is so-so. Mainly do to the icon scaling as well the settings being to complicated, for icon setup, especially with the horizontal and vertical config bars in the settings.

However, during the last few days, I have been testing xfdesktop from XFCE suit, and I must say the results are nearly awesome.

To install xfdesktop just fire sudo apt get install xfdesktop4. This wil install only xfdesktop without pulling whole XFCE for download.

After installing, fire up terminal and type “xfdesktop”. After that you will notice that the the desktop has been replace by xfdesktop along with default XFCE wallpaper.

Right click and go to settings to change the wallpaper. You can add more form the Pictures folder.

Most of the desktop interactions work. However dragging and dropping folders onto each others is still not working, since the xfdesktop expects thunar to do the job, not Nemo. One of the other things that needs to be fixed is connecting the logic in program and right click when clicking set wallpapers to actually set wallpapers. Along with this, once the interaction is fixed, any desktop widget such as Weather Applet will render without a problem.

If anyone is interesting to help us make something interesting, feel free to reply.

Oh and for the end, here is how it looks

Just a question, not helping here, sorry :

can it do horizontal alignment of icons ?

Technically yes, it shouldn’t be a problem.

how to make it permenant