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Show us your Budgie Desktop


Nothing really original:

  • theme: Arc-Darker
  • icones: papirus


Yes to all this! Another Arc-Dark/er Papirus user :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hello all!

this is my Desktop: I’ve kept black pocillo theme because is the best for emphasizing the wallpaper. The wallpaper itself reproduces a well known roman marble copy of an hellenistic bronze statue, Afrodite Callipigia (καλός = beautiful, πυγή = “bottom”, so Venus with a beautiful “bottom”) :grinning: (National Archaeological Museum, Naples)




Have you got a link to the “Bianceticker” ? I’ve never heard of that applet. TIA



Limpio como para comer una paella
budgie <3


More images and background https://imgur.com/a/hslVEbF


  • Font: SF Pro Display
  • Theme : Ant-Nebula
  • Icons : Numix-Circle
  • Terminal : Tilix ( Window Style = Diasble CSD, Hide toolbar and Terminal title style = none)
  • Terminal Powerline : Powerlevel9k
  • Terminal Theme : One Dark (background set to theme color)
  • Atom Syntax : One Dark
  • Atom Theme : Material
  • WallPaper : Space wallpaper - linked above
  • Budgie Applets : Show Time

Atom extensions

  • tool-bar
  • tool-bar-atom
  • atom-clock


Fresh Ubuntu Budgie 18.10 install …

Icons: Surfn-Evopop;
Theme: AI-White from here


My dual screen setup with Ubuntu Budgie 18.04
Theme X-Arc darker
Icons Papirus-Darrk