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Show us your Budgie Desktop


Some excellent news !

Not « Places and Files » but recently used applications and files, both with the same « importance » :wink:
I really miss that so convenient feature anytime I’m not on Unity.
KDEplasma provides something close, in one of its alternative menu but not so fast to use.


I’ve generally loved the branded KDE wallpapers. They’ve been terrific. The proposed next 18.10 one you’re using… Ah… I’m not a fan so far. It’s a big departure from what they’ve done before. How do you like it? Viewing your desktop wallpaper being used in the background, I’m warming to it more than when it was just an image posted online… Not a fan of the galaxy motif, though…


Add the icon-task-list applet to your panel. If you don’t want the side dock, then use budgie-settings - autostart and remove the plank entry


I kind of like the sci-fi vibe of it - even if it looks a bit outdated, maybe too much « first degree » meaning - and its colors ( yeah I love purple and orange ) which fit quite well in a legacy Ubuntu/Ambiance style.

Anyway, another one of my own this time :


Great wallpaper!

Big Dr Strange fan.


Icons: Pocillo
Theme: Matcha-sea
Backgroud image : “The Divine” by Tomer Hanuka


Nothing spectacular here. Just a clean macOSish desktop. This is my second Budgie dual boot PC. This one on an i5 SSD 8GBs of RAM. (I’m actually surprised that it doesn’t run much faster than my Apollo Lake Pentium eMMC 6GBs of RAM. I thought it would fly in comparison but in basic tasks not really.

Can’t believe that with a browser open I’m only using 2.6 GBs of RAM. The noisy fan on my Asus VivoMini is… well… less noisy.



Using the stock setup, but I rearranged the panel. I wanted something free from clutter, and unique. I am using the Variety wallpaper changer for my background. Icons are from POP!_OS, and the cursor theme is Breeze_Snow.



Hi @Zinc,

what happens here to your global menu with « heavy » app like LibreOffice or Gimp ?

Is your global menu at center of panel, or right ?


It all just barely fits within the top panel. The global app menu had to be in the center for it to work properly, but I kinda like it centered anyway.


Ok thanks, nice.
I « center » too global menu on Budgie to avoid truncated menus.
But I’d prefer them left aligned to always have first items of menus at same place throughout app’s.



Tis Mine. I took the wallpaper picture.


Ubuntu Budgie 18.04 on my Dell Mini 9. Started with
Ubuntu 8.04 years ago and Budgie gives the Mini 9i new life


UB 18.10


To start with a new desktop environment for me, tweaked the panel a bit.

updated 15 oct

qogir, moka icons, pro grey theme for chromium and landscapes minimalistic mountains as wallpaper.

Another one, Vimix-Dark-Laptop-Beryl & Delft-Teal-Darker icons, nice wallpaper founded with Unsplash Instant for chromium.


Are you just running 2 overlapping panels there (one on the left and one on the top) to get that layout?


Yes, that’s it, no plank.

…but am still on 18.04 :wink: where icon task list grouping lacks - and I hope it will allow cycling through opened windows with mouse wheel.


Another one, Lavender Compact Square theme & Paper icons theme, bibata oil cursor, a nice photo as wallpaper founded with Unsplash Instant for chromium. I need some colors, winter is coming :snowflake:
& a diy Budgie-menu icon.