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Show us your Budgie Desktop


He doesn’t seem satisfied with the weather :slight_smile:


Actually I have it change wallpaper every hour, I have all the Avengers material wallpapers :smile:

But yes the weather is horrible.


Budgie by the ocean…


Nice! The weather fits the wallpaper :slight_smile:


Mine :smile:


Nice! is that het IJ?


Het IJ? ( Ik spreek niet nederlands :sweat_smile:)


Haha, I thought because the weather is set to Amsterdam, this was a picture of “Het IJ” near/in Amsterdam :slight_smile:


I’m In A’dam but if this wallpapper is actually a Dutch place it’s purely coincidence. Im using about a hundred of pictures from desktoppr and using Variety to random them every x minutes. Are you dutch?



HI everyone, I am new to this, and after trying different Linux solutions this is my favourite so far! Here is my desktop, and I am still trying to tweak it :slight_smile:


Theme : Matcha-sea
Icons: Pocillo


I’ve had to remove the screenshot - whilst myself I’m ok with this, we do have members of the community who would be more uncomfortable with the picture content. Sorry about this.


Hi David, no problem, should have thought about it before … I’ll resend the screenshot with a more neutral motif.



3 pictures just to show how pixel saver and global menu applets work :

Theme : Adapta-eta
Icons : Papirus
Background : latest KDE
No Plank

What I’m still looking for :

  • a trash applet in ( bottom left ) panel,
  • a left aligned global menu that does not get truncated with longest app-menus ( LibreOffice, Gimp… ) hence its actual center position,
  • icons grouping in icons task list,
  • « something » that gives a quick access to recently used app’s AND files, in one place at one click reach…


Trash applet has been written. Just needs to be packaged and welcome updated.

Left aligned global menu. Need someone inspirational to resolve

Icon grouping. This is in budgie desktop 10.5 which has not yet been released upstream

Places and files. No ideas here.


Whoa. It must fly! Does it?


Hi windruffle,

Love this!



Fish ROCKS! It can help you learn the terminal in a very easy way plus the customization is amazing!


It is just one of those shells that you have to use (and go through the docs) to truly appreciate. It is definitely my favorite. Especially for my laptop. Servers I tend to still run bash, but that is only for compatibility with scripts. Although as I moved to configuration management (ansible in my case).